November Newsletter

November Newsletter

CNC millling machines, potlucks, and the upcoming move!

From the November 2022 Newsletter:

The Remarkable MakerBarn

What we are doing at The MakerBarn is a remarkable thing. I hear that all the time.

But there are also remarkable people out there that not only talk about how special The MakerBarn is, but help make it become even more special. Recently one of those remarkable people gifted a CNC Milling machine to The MakerBarn. He knew we were wanting to get a CNC mill and were waiting to gather up the funds for the purchase. So, he offered his machine. The machine is a rather large bed mill. Big, but still not so big we wouldn’t have room for it. The machine is about 20 years old, which is young for machine tools. Even better, its control system has been upgraded to a Centroid system very similar to the Centroid controls on our CNC router. This should help substantially with the learning curve. Right now, we are searching for a company to move the 4500-pound goliath to our facility. We will be locating it in the back of suite 202. So, a big thank you should go out to all those people who volunteer their time and those remarkable people who are willing to give to The MakerBarn to keep us growing and become even more special. We are truly blessed.

On November 13th from 4:30 until 6:00 we will be having our quarterly Potluck Dinner in the Lab. If you would like to bring something, be sure to signup on the Signup Genius. More about this below.

We are making progress on our move, but no firm date yet. It reminds me of fishing, we don’t know when, but eventually something good will happen!

Our Christmas tree will be going up at the end of the month. It sure would be nice to see some more handmade ornaments on it. So, get to work and make something!

George Carlson
President, MakerBarn

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