December Newsletter

December Newsletter

The move is on! This weekend we will consolidate the Lab and the Shop into one building, adding 2,400 additional sqft to the MakerBarn. Volunteers needed!

From the December 2022 Newsletter:

The Move is On !! Volunteers Needed

This weekend we will complete a project we have been working on since April, the consolidation of The Lab and The Shop into a single building. When we are done we will occupy the entire 7,300 square feet of the North building at 28030 FM2978. This is a big step for The MakerBarn, and it would have never happened except for the loyalty and generosity of our members. So, congratulate yourselves, you deserve it.

Things like this don’t come easy. The weekend before Thanksgiving we took on the task of removing all the stuff we didn’t want, and gave the place a thorough cleaning. First a charity resale shop came by and took many of the items they could resell or give to folks that need it. Then a fellow and his son came by. They sell metal for recycling. They cleaned out an enormous amount of stuff. Then we got a 20-yard dumpster and filled it to the brim. We still had more stuff to get rid of it, so we ordered another dumpster and almost filled it. Now the place looks great!

So, what is this doing for us? Bringing the Lab and Shop together will help bring the membership closer. Not too close, as we are going to have 2,400 more square feet than we previously had. We have already built a nice machine shop and classroom in the new space. We will also have a small CNC Machine shop. We will have a bit more storage space and room for some new machines. And, we will have a small, but complete kitchen.

We will be closing the lab on Friday December 2nd and reopening the lab at the new place on Monday December 5th. On Friday we will be moving and organizing some of the smaller items. The main move will be on Saturday starting at 9:00am. All hands on deck! This is a great time to help out The MakerBarn and meet members you have never seen. I don’t think it will be too difficult, but please be careful and have fun. Have a great time over the holidays. Don’t forget about the move this weekend and help us out if you can.

George Carlson
President, MakerBarn

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