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10 September, 2021
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Wood Lathes

Laguna Revo 1836, Mini Lathe, Assorted Tools, Grinding Wheel

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Objects made on a wood lathe include such items as furniture legs, lamp posts, baseball bats, bowls and other ornamental forms. Pen turning is popular, too. At the MakerBarn we have two wood lathes to choose from, as well as an assortment of tools.

As any woodturner knows, it is crucial have sharp tools. To help with this we have grinding station for High Speed Steel (HSS) tools, as well as a handy jig to ensure we are all sharpening the shared tools in a consistent manner. Consistency helps prolong the life of our tools. To learn more about how to sharpen, check out the helpful video made by our founder George.

Wood Lathe Tools:

  • Laguna Revo 1836
  • Mini Lathe (10″x18″ work area)
  • Assorted Lathe Tools
  • 8″ Bench Grinder for HSS tools
  • Tool Grinding Jig
  • Face Shield & Smock