Our new Powermatic Tablesaw

George CarlsonNews, Tools

This is a Powermatic 66 built in the early seventies.  It was in very good condition, considering the age, when we got it.  The purpose of this saw will be to cut dados and box joints.  This can be done on the SawStop, but the brake cartridge needs be be changed if a dado blade is installed.  This will save our woodworkers alot of time when switching between normal and dado cuts.

PM66 Moving The saw is pretty heavy, just ask Greg.  Once we got it in the shop, it was cleaned and the bearings and belts were replaced.

cleaned up 66Here’s the machine all cleaned up.  The machine has a 3HP three-phase motor.  Since we don’t have three-phase power at the barn, I installed a VFD (variable frequency drive) to provide the three-phase power.  One advantage of using the VFD is that it allows the start and stop time of the motor to be set.  So you can make it start very smoothly and stop quickly, but not so fast as to loosen the saw blade.  Since this saw will be dedicated to the use of a heavy dado blade, the stopping is a concern.

PM66 doneNow with brand new fence, extension table, and electrics the saw is ready for many years of service.