August 2020 Newsletter

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Introducing … “The Lab”!

For the last few months, it feels like we have been living out the script in a B grade movie. However, I do have some really good news to report.

The MakerBarn has opened an annex. It’s called “The Lab”, and it is wonderful! The Lab is located only 1.3 miles from the front door of the Barn. The address is 28030 FM2978 Suite 101. This is about 11⁄2 mile North of Carraway Ln. This is the biggest thing The MakerBarn has done since opening the Barn in 2016.

The Lab has our two new lasers and all the equipment that was located upstairs in the Barn. Sewing, Electronics, 3D printing, t-shirt making, and more. The Lab occupies 2100 sqft of office space. Clean, and probably the best part, 24/7 access! There is no additional cost for 24/7 access, but you must go through an orientation to go over the rules and operating procedures. When certified, the last 6 digits of your MACS card will be used as your personal code key for entry. Face masks are required. If you have not yet seen the The Lab, come by from 6:00 – 9:00 Wednesday evening, or 9:00 – 12:00 on Saturday morning. Kathy or I can give you an orientation and enable your access.

One note: Please do not park in front of our next door neighbor, a Farmers Insurance Agent. There are several spaces in front of The Lab and over 20 parking spaces on the other side of the parking lot.

George Carlson, President

Maker Barn: Shop – 9522 Carraway Ln
MakerBarn: Lab – 28030 FM2978 Suite 101


Bryan Manka made a pair of fly fishing reels. He used 6160 Aluminum, 316L Stainless Steel, and Delrin on the Metal Lathe, Metal Mill and Dividing Head in The MakerBarn Shop.

Charlie Lindahl made pan shelving. He had some shelving that was too tall for his cooktop. He used the MakerBarn Rolling Metal Saw to cut off about 4 inches from the top to make it all evenly spaced.

Ricky Kleinsmith made two small poplar benches that will be used to hold flower pots by the windows.

Kathy Barbieri used the MakerBarn sewing machine to make family masks with a college theme.

John Buckley used MakerBarn Shop CNC to cut out two “ichthys” – a traditional Christian symbol and lit them with LED bulbs.

Overhead shot of the new Lab space

REMEMBER – Four new COVID Guidelines for the MakerBarn:

Masks: Everyone must wear a mask before entering the Barn and for the duration of your time at the Barn. Please bring your own.

Two’s a crowd: We want to practice social distancing while also allowing for making. So let’s keep it to one member using each area at a time, i.e. one member in the laser room, one member in the sanding room, one member using the sewing, one doing wood working, etc.

Use Sign-up Genius: Please do not come to the barn without reserving time to use equipment. It’s easy now to go the website at and click on the new Sign-Up Genius icon. There you may reserve equipment in one hour blocks. You can always call 832-663-6390 and the manager on duty will confirm your time as shown on SignUp. We are all going to need to be respectful and considerate of one another during this time.

Members with guests: Guests and children are asked to stay at home until we have reliable information that shows the Covid-19 danger is considerably reduced. We are not there yet. Safety and health of our members is top priority.


Yes, it’s been a long wait, but MakerBarn’s two new lasers have arrived from China and were recently installed. Please note, these are 100 watt lasers with a 24” x 38” working area – significantly more powerful than 40 watt lasers in common use today. The two machines are identical and have red dot pointers as well as auto-focus. The controllers are the newest Rudia RDC6445 units and work well with LightBurn software.

There are several new features of the new lasers that take a bit of getting used to, so be sure to watch the videos and spend some time with Greg Radliff on Thursday after 2PM at The Lab.

MakerBarn Directors:
George Carlson, Director and President
Jeanie James, Director
Greg Radliff, Director

Executive Committee:
Kathy Barbieri
Jody Cochran
Raul Garcia
Jim Barron
Matt Folsom
Daniel Cielecy
John Buckley – Newsletter Editor