December 2020 Newsletter

John BuckleyMaking, News, Tools

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Christmas is just around the corner, so take a look at the list of gift ideas later in the newsletter.

There is not a lot of new things going on. Everyone’s busy getting ready for the holidays.

We have a “trial” video editing suite setup at the lab. Currently we are just using some loaner equipment. If there is enough interest, we will setup our own suite with some newer equipment. The suite consists of a fast computer with a very fast GPU video card, and two monitors. The software is DaVinci Resolve, and Photoshop CS4. Resolve is from Blackmagic Design, a manufacturer of professional video/audio equipment. To assist in learning Resolve, Casey Ferris’s Resolve Master Training program is located in the “Video Scratch” folder on the computer. You can watch his videos on the left monitor while running Resolve on the right monitor. Casey moves fast, you might want to watch his video through before doing any of the exercises. Please don’t leave your video footage on the computer, we would very quickly run out of space if everyone did that.

On December 16 at 7:00pm I will be hosting a Zoom session discussing how laser cutters operate and how they can be used. This is not a tutorial on how to use LightBurn, you need to talk to Greg Radliff about that. I originally put this together for the Home Metal Shop Club. Most had never seen a laser, let alone operate one, so this was more about how lasers function and what kind of materials can be cut and/or engraved.

Have a great and wonderful holiday season!


George Carlson
President, MakerBarn

Made at MakerBarn

Ed Fraini’s daughter made these roses with the Cameo machine at the Lab using downloaded files. She tells me she wants to make dozens of them!

Kevin Laird – an update to last month, these 3D objects have been cast multiple times at the Lab.

Jim Barron made these cutouts for a cart on CNC equipment at the barn. His friend painted it and decorated it.

Robert Wozniewicz – has made two more jewelry/music boxes using all the woodworking equipment at the Barn. He says boxes tend to challenge you with joinery, profiles and interesting angles. See the first three boxes he made in last month’s issue.

Fourth -Small music box Blackwood and holly plus glass inserts.

Fifth – Jewelry box with marquetry lid.

Fred Morales made this is desktop for his wife to use on the treadmill. Made of 3 pieces of 5mm birch plywood laminated with core frames to keep weight down and
secured to treadmill handles with spring clamps from McMaster Carr. She loves it!!

Colleen Helz made this workbench for her home shop using woodworking equipment at the Barn.


Test again BEFORE you return: If you or someone living with you should test positive for the virus, please inform us and do not plan to return to The Lab or The Shop until you have a negative test result.

Masks: Everyone must wear a mask before entering the Barn and for the duration of your time at the Barn. Please bring your own.

Two’s a crowd: We want to practice social distancing while also allowing for making. So let’s keep it to one member using each area at a time, i.e. one member in the laser room, one member in the sanding room, one member using the sewing, one doing wood working, etc.

Use Sign-up Genius: Please do not come to the barn without reserving time to use equipment. It’s easy now to go the website at and click on the new Sign-Up Genius icon. There you may reserve equipment in one hour blocks. You can always call 832-663-6390 & the manager on duty will confirm your time as shown on SignUp. We are all going to need to be respectful and considerate of one another during this time.

Members with guests: Guests and children are asked to stay at home until we have reliable information that shows the Covid-19 danger is considerably reduced. We are not there yet. Safety and health of our members is top priority.

Meet the Area Managers


Jim Barron has lots of experience with woodworking and CNC. He holds occasional
CNC classes that demonstrate the Vectric VCarve Pro software we use. Jim can check
you out on woodworking and CNC tools at the Barn. Contact him via SLACK.


Greg Radliff is an artist and expert at using Laser Cutter and Engravers. Greg can
show you the LightBurn software we use and can check you out for use of the Laser
cutters in the Lab. Contact him via SLACK


Jody Cochran is a graphic artist with deep experience in 3D printing and other
graphics tools. Jody can show you slicer and other software used with the 3D printers.
Contact him via SLACK.


Bryan Manka is area manager for metalworking which includes the metal mill and the metal lathe at the Barn. He can check you out for use of either of these machines.
Contact him via SLACK.


Raul Garcia is area manager for electronics. More of a fixer than designer, but willing
to help and learn together. See Raul for anything related to microcontrollers, electronic
devices or other electronics related projects. Contact him via SLACK.

No area manager yet


We have no one assigned to area manager in this area at this time

Maker Gift Project Ideas
Projects that support various hobbies and interests

Wood Lathe
Miniature Wood Lathe
Tool Supports for Wood Lathes
Chisels and Special Cutting Tools
Precision Measuring Toolsaw
Calipers and Gages
Special Hinges, locks, and Hardware
Yards and Gardening:
Garden Tools
Patio Furniture and Fixtures
Pot Hangers
Gates and Fences
Plant Stands
Hose Reels
Garden Carts
Oversize Dust Pans
Wind Chimes
Whirly Gigs
Kitchen and Dining:
Fancy Toothpick Dispenser
Napkin Rings
Special Kitchen Tools
Aluminum Can Crusher
Brain TeasersMagic Tricks
Chess Sets
Play Card Boxes
Poker Chips
Round-To-ItsButton Gears
Ham Radio / Electronics:
Morse Code Key
Cable Reels
Coil Winder
Solder Dispenser
Lace BobbinsMagnifier Stand
Jewelry and Jewelry Making:
Necklace Hangar
Jewelry Boxes
Jeweler’s Vise
Ring Sizer
Forming Rolls
Jeweler’s Lathe
House and Home:
Decorative Self Brackets
Antique Reproduction Kick-Knacks
Picture Frames
Model Trucks and Cars
Doll House Furniture and Machine Tools
“Executive” Toys
Go Carts
Shop Made Erector Sets
Science Demonstration Apparatus
Tesla Coils
Van de Graph Generator
Whimhurst Machine
Mechanical Mechanism Demonstrators
Music Racks
Music Stands
Musical Instruments
Stage Brackets
Art and Photo:
Special Camera Mounts
Print Washers
Film Dryer
Pin-Hole Cameras
Artist’s Pallets
Camera Lucida
Fishing and Hunting:
Fishing Rod Holders
Fly-Fishing Reel
Molds for Casting Weights and Jigs
Rifle and Pistol Rests
Power Measures
Fly-Tying Vise
Printer Stands
Copy Holders
Paper Weights
Letter Holders
Letter Openers

MakerBarn Directors:
George Carlson, Director and President
Jeanie James, Director
Greg Radliff, Director

Executive Committee:
Kathy Barbieri – Procurement and acquisitions
Jody Cochran – Secretary
Raul Garcia – Member at Large
Jim Barron – Membership
Matt Folsom – IT
Daniel Cielecy – Treasurer
John Buckley – Newsletter Editor

Area Managers: (Guru or Custodian)
Woodworking – Jim Baron
Lasers – Greg Radliff
3D Printing – Jody Cochran
Metalworking – Bryan Manka
Electronics – Raul Garcia