December 2020 Newsletter

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Christmas is just around the corner, so take a look at the list of gift ideas later in the newsletter. There is not a lot of new things going on. Everyone’s busy getting ready for the holidays. We have a “trial” video editing suite setup at the lab. Currently we are just using some loaner equipment. If there is enough interest, we will setup our own suite with some newer equipment. The suite consists of a fast computer with a very fast GPU video card, and two monitors. The software is DaVinci Resolve, and Photoshop CS4. Resolve is from Blackmagic Design, a manufacturer of professional video/audio equipment. To assist in learning Resolve, Casey Ferris’s Resolve Master Training program is located in the “Video Scratch” folder on the computer. You can watch his videos on the left monitor while running Resolve on the right … Read More

November 2020 Newsletter

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Let Us Show You How! Makerspaces have become one of the primary places to learn crafts, trades, and technology. Many makerspaces sponsor classes held on a regular basis for learning and as a revenue source. The Covid virus has now made this difficult. At The MakerBarn we have held classes and demonstrations, usually for free. Currently we have had to limit this to sessions on Zoom. Zoom sessions work well, especially well with teaching or demonstrating computer skills. If anyone is interested in having a Zoom session on a topic, let us know. If you would like to host a Zoom session on a maker topic, there are members that can show you how to do it. “Show how to” is one of our greatest strengths at a makerspace. Mentoring others and sharing information and skills is why makerspaces have grown in popularity. At the present moment, it is hard … Read More

October 2020 Newsletter

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Incubators, Lathe Room and Classes, oh my! October already! Can you believe it. This means we have several holidays coming up, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, even New Years is not that far way. So, it is time to come up with ideas for gifts and decorations. The MakerBarn frees you up to make almost anything you could imagine. From scary Halloween decorations to funny ugly Christmas sweaters. Break-up the Covid boredom and come make something. The Executive Committee is continually working to improve our facilities. The Laser Room was vacated when the lasers were moved to the new Lab. Kathy and Raul worked hard to clean the room and repaint the floor. Now the room will be used for the wood lathes. The big Laguna has already been moved and installed, and a new bench to hold the two small lathes is under construction. Take a look inside the room, it’s … Read More

August 2020 Newsletter

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Introducing … “The Lab”! For the last few months, it feels like we have been living out the script in a B grade movie. However, I do have some really good news to report. The MakerBarn has opened an annex. It’s called “The Lab”, and it is wonderful! The Lab is located only 1.3 miles from the front door of the Barn. The address is 28030 FM2978 Suite 101. This is about 11⁄2 mile North of Carraway Ln. This is the biggest thing The MakerBarn has done since opening the Barn in 2016. The Lab has our two new lasers and all the equipment that was located upstairs in the Barn. Sewing, Electronics, 3D printing, t-shirt making, and more. The Lab occupies 2100 sqft of office space. Clean, and probably the best part, 24/7 access! There is no additional cost for 24/7 access, but you must go through an orientation … Read More

July 2020 Newsletter

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Message from the president Unfortunately, the 4th anniversary party at “The Grounds” had to be cancelled due to the spike in Covid-19 infections in Montgomery County. Eventually all this will become just a bad memory, but for now it is quite real. Also, you may have heard that Ed Fraini took a nasty fall at home. Bad enough it put him in the hospital for a few days. Ed is the Manager of the Barn Managers and has been doing a great job. Currently, John Buckley has taken on some of Ed’s tasks. We all hope Ed recovers quickly; we miss him at the barn. Even though we are still operating the Barn on a reduced schedule, good things have been happening. For example; Raul did a great job changing the lighting in the shop from fluorescent to LED. It is much brighter in the shop. Thanks, Raul! We have … Read More

A Thank You from Freedom House

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A video Thank You from Freedom House to the MakerBarn for the work our members did on the project to build beds for their residents.

MakerMade Market and Repair Cafe

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Join us for the upcoming MakerMade Market and Repair Cafe. It will be held on the MakerBarn property, Saturday, October 12th from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. It’s a chance for makers to sell their products – right before the holiday season, too! Do you make something special like wood or metal products, leather goods, toys, cake toppers, food items, knitting or embroidery articles, 3D printed objects, wearable technology, or something else entirely? A vendor space is $25 per table. You bring your table/chairs/and shade structure. The event is FREE to the public! What is a Repair Cafe? “It is a meeting in which people repair household electrical and mechanical devices, computers, bicycles, clothing, etc. They are organised by and for local residents. Repair Cafés are held at a fixed location where tools are available and where they can fix their broken goods with the help of volunteers. Its objectives are to reduce waste, to … Read More

Notes from Jody Cochran’s 3D Printing Class

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Notes from the class in PDF format Links Source for downloading models: Site for designing parts in the browser: Channel for learning Fusion 360: Software we use for slicing at the barn: Free utility for slicing:

CHOP Bench Build Project

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We had about 20 MakerBarn members volunteer their time and effort to take simple 2×4’s and make them useful pieces of furniture for the Conroe House of Prayer, a church for the homeless. It was a fun and productive morning!

January 2019 MakerBarn Newsletter

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The Maker’s Mark Ever since people have been making things, they’ve been placing their mark on the item. From the stones in giant buildings to tiny pieces of jewelry. Why? Because they were proud of their work and were willing to show it and they wanted people in the future to know where it came from. The mark was generally hidden, and quite often could only be found by someone else skilled in the trade. If you look at the silicon die inside an Intel 8080 microprocessor chip, you will see the stylized initials “HF”. Hal Feeney was one of the designers of the 8080, and the person who designed the physical layout of the chip. Rumor has it that the Soviets cloned the 8080 by doing a straight copy of the chip’s artwork, including Hal’s maker mark. The maker’s mark is usually not in plain sight. On a chest … Read More