Donations come in many forms!

Financial Support


The MakerBarn is entirely run by its volunteer members. Join the team of members giving their time to make the MakerBarn a reality.

Become a Shop Manager

The Shop is entirely run by our Volunteer Members. Volunteer to take on a recurring shift as Shop Manager to help us keep the Shop open for as many hours as we can!

Become an Area Manager

Area Managers help with training members and answering specific questions regarding their area. You can meet the current area managers on our "Who We Are" page.

Volunteer to Teach a Class

One of the best things about the MakerBarn is the community that comes with it. You'll always find someone willing to help you with your next project, so why not give back and help others?

Help Out

Whether we are acquiring new equipment or working to upgrade our space, we frequently need help for one-time projects. Requests for volunteers will be posted on Slack as needed.

Additional Support

Don't have the time or money to give to the MakerBarn? You can still support us in simple ways, that mean a lot!

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about the MakerBarn, and why you love it so much!

Send us a Picture

What have you been making at the MakerBarn? Send us a picture so we can include it in our Newsletter, and help to inspire other makers!

Leave us a Review

We think we're awesome, but what do you think? Reviews help us know what to improve, and lets others know who we are. Leave us a review on Google.

If you have further questions, email us at [email protected]