The MakerBarn Terms and Conditions

Membership Rules & Expectations:

All members are required to maintain a clean and safe environment at all times. We are an all­ volunteer organization so please be kind to and respect other members and return tools/materials to their proper places.

Rules & Policies

I acknowledge access to The MakerBarn Rules & Policies ( and agree to review and become familiar with it. I will take responsibility for my child’s behavior while on The MakerBarn facilities and I will counsel my child regarding MakerBarn Rules and Policies.

Model Release

I hereby assign and grant to The MakerBarn the right and permission to use and publish photographs, film, videotapes, electronic representations, and/or recordings made during MakerBarn classes and events, and I hereby release MakerBarn and any of the staff from any and all liability from such use and publication. I further authorize the reproduction, sale, copyright, exhibit, broadcast, & electronic storage of recordings without limitation at the discretion of the MakerBarn staff and I specifically waive any right to any compensation I may have for any of the foregoing.

Please Note: Photos will be taken during MakerBarn events and activities throughout the year. If this is a concern, you are responsible for monitoring photography of yourself or your child(ren).


The MakerBarn Directory includes all members enrolled. At a minimum, the directory will include the members’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses. The Directory is available on our membership website and you have the option to control the information shared and displayed to other members. The MakerBarn respects your privacy and will not at any time sell or give out your personal information to interested third parties.

Your email address(es) will be added to our monthly newsletter list. You may unsubscribe from that list at any time.

Liability Waiver

This agreement is between you and The MakerBarn, 28030 FM2978 Suite 204, Magnolia TX 77354 By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that The MakerBarn is a dangerous place and I agree to hold harmless The MakerBarn, its members, its officers, and its directors.

I also understand that I am personally responsible for my own and my minor’s safety and actions and will instruct and ensure that I and they follow all safety instructions and signage while at The MakerBarn.

I hereby waive for myself and my minor children all rights of recovery, claim, action, or cause of action against The MakerBarn for any injury or damage that may occur, regardless of cause or origin, including negligence.

I affirm that I am at least 17 years of age, and mentally competent to sign this liability waiver.

I agree that I have read this application and agree to abide by The MakerBarn policies, procedures, and guidelines, including this Liability Waiver. I also agree to fulfill my financial obligation for membership.

Membership Termination

The MakerBarn reserves the right to discontinue a membership at any time.  Members have the right to discontinue their membership at any time.  Membership dues are nonrefundable.