February Newsletter

February Newsletter

Lots of new things to be found at the MakerBarn, such as new members and new machines! Oh, and did we mention molds? So so many molds.

But seriously, want a mold (or 10)?

From the February 2023 Newsletter:

New Machines Coming!

I am seeing several new faces around the Shop and Lab. A big welcome to our new members! Remember, The MakerBarn is a volunteer organization, if you would like to get involved, just let one of the managers or executive committee members know. The best thing to do is make sure you get on Slack. You can use Slack on phones or desktop computers, so if you hate typing on the phone (I do) use the PC or Mac application.

Don’t forget our MakerBarn Quarterly Pot Luck Dinner is Sunday, February 19 from 4:30 to 6 PM. Just sign-up so we know how many people are coming and bring something to share with others or just your bring your appetite if cooking is not your maker secret power! It’s a great way to meet others and share the joy of making.

We ended up with more ceramic molds than we know what to do with. I hate to just throw them away, but we need the space. So, if you, or someone you know, would like some molds, we have a deal for you, text Kathy at 281-788-8214.

On February 27th, a group of volunteers went to Dr. Kimbrough’s shop to move the CNC milling machine closer to the big door. We had to move quite a bit of equipment to move the CNC from one side of the building to the other. There were eight of us, so it was not hard work, it was fun. Kathy learned how to drive a tractor with forks. Nobody got smashed while moving the 4,500 pound CNC, and it gave us some insight on how the pyramids were built.

We did bring home a neat new (to us) machine. It is a punch used for making charms for jewelry items. More about that below.

If anyone out there is fluent in MasterCam, let me know. I’ve been talking to the MasterCam rep, and he has a good deal for us. MasterCam is the software that most professional CNC users/ programmers are using. It would be nice if we could offer some classes on the software pros use.

Have a good February and stay safe.
Happy New Year!
George Carlson
President, MakerBarn

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