9 June, 2023

June Newsletter

We just celebrated our 7th Anniversary on June 3, and are very proud of how far we have come. One of the latest additions to the MakerBarn is our new ceramics area. On June 20th we are having a "pour night". Sign up and learn about pouring slip into a mold to make a hollow ceramic figure.
30 May, 2023

May Newsletter

Can you believe it's almost been 7 years?! Come to our anniversary open-house on June 3rd to help us celebrate! While you're there, you can check out our updates to the classroom, as well as introduce yourself to Thing 3.
30 May, 2023

April Newsletter

Learning opportunities continue at the MakerBarn! As our metal lathe course comes to a close, classes in Fusion 360 & welding begin.
30 May, 2023

March Newsletter

The CNC milling machine and dedicated rotary laser have both arrived. Stay posted for updates as those get set up.

We also had a fun (& delicious) potluck, and a special visit from the Mayor of Conroe! Check out our newsletter to see what else we have been up to!
6 February, 2023

February Newsletter

Lots of new things to be found at the MakerBarn, such as new members and new machines! Oh, and did we mention molds? So so many molds.

But seriously, want a mold (or 10)?
14 January, 2023

January Newsletter

We finished the move, just in time for a plethora of new donations!
14 January, 2023

December Newsletter

The move is on! This weekend we will consolidate the Lab and the Shop into one building, adding 2,400 additional sqft to the MakerBarn. Volunteers needed!
19 November, 2022

November Newsletter

CNC millling machines, potlucks, and the upcoming move!
24 October, 2022

October Newsletter

It's that time of the year: time to start decorating, making gifts, and measuring teenie tiny things - in the billionths of an inch!